Honor your doctor

Whether it’s a doctor who’s been with you through it all, or one who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, take a moment this Doctors’ Day to let your doctor know they’ve made a difference in your life by giving them a virtual high five.

I want to honor:

Please search by the provider’s last name, then select the appropriate physician from the list.

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  • 19622
    Sloan & Hannah
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    Lourdes J Delgado-Serrano, MD
    You are the Best!
  • 19621
    Monica Wagner
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    Mark Povich, DO
    I appreciate your words of encouragement. You are an aw...
  • 19620
    Monica Wagner
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    William F Shaw, MD, FACC
    Dr.Shaw has been a blessing not only to myself but to...
  • 19619
    Jerry & Brenda
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    Barry L Miller, MD
    A BIG Thank you for making the right calls at the right...
  • 19618
    Sandra Mayhew
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    Lisa E Snyder, MD
  • 19617
    Ralph B Blasier, MD, JD
  • 19616
    James J Boes, DO
  • 19615
    Ronald J Sherman, DO
  • 19614
    William F Shaw, MD, FACC
  • 19613
    C.N. Raveesh, MD
  • 19612
    Steven A Dosh, MD
  • 19611
    Brandy Arnold
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    Ajeet D Gordhan, MD
    Thank you for always taking the extra time with patient...
  • 19610
    Molli Whittle
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    Rebecca A Proehl, MD
  • 19609
    Yolanda Ripley
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    Charles K Boley, MD
    Big thank you for being a great doctor to my son AJ!